Stile Napoletano at
49 Watergate Street

About Us

Located under the famous Chester Rows on Watergate Street, Stile Napoletano at 49 Watergate Street is the second venue of award-winning pizza chef Giacomo Guido. 

Giacomo left his home on the island of Ischia, near Naples and moved to London where he was nominated for the best pizza in London in 2015 ( and his pizza was included in Daniel Young’s ‘Where to Eat Pizza’ in 2016. 2017 brought more success when Giacomo won the London Pizza Festival.

After visiting Chester, Giacomo fell in love with the city and decided to leave his successful career in London behind. Stile Napoletano was opened in March 2018 where he serves tasty and light Neapolitan style pizzas using pure, organic ingredients from Italy alongside quality local produce.

Giacomo Guido, Stile Napoletano

"It's more than pizza, it's about community. It's about bringing the best from Italy and giving it a home. It's our Neapolitan style".